Democrats Are Not “Pro-Choice”

Democrats Are Not "Pro-Choice"

Democrats associate with the pro-choice stand in matters that arise in the national debate having taken the pro-choice stand on the subject matter of abortion. However, they are not pro-choice as they claim to be. In reality, Democrats assert that the government has a role to play in every decision you make. By extension, they are pro-government.

This is not just a claim. The actions and arguments of Democrats, in general, stand a proof to this argument. For instance, the infamous soda ban in New York is a prime example. Although a judge overturned the ban on a particular size of soda, the audacity to implement such as policy shows the extent of their pro-government mindset. Their argument was that the ban would help fight the menace that is obesity. However, in reality, this showed that Democrats thought it was the government’s job to control weight gain.

In addition to this, there is the issue of light bulbs. Democrats assert that it is the government’s responsibility to determine the bulbs that you use. The premise used to justify this assertion is that some bulbs are not good for the environment. This negates their ability to be pro-choice in entirety as they still believe that the government should play a role in determining your choice even the simplest of issues for its citizens.


Democrats Are Not "Pro-Choice"

The above examples are but just a few examples of the pro-government tendencies that Democrats cling on. However, even when it comes to matters that invoke a true sense of liberalism and pro-choice, Democrats take a back seat. Case in point, the issue of marijuana legalization. Many Democrats claim to pro-legalization and by extension pro-choice, but that is simply lip-service. They have done nothing to aid it legalization or rescheduling.

The Obama administration has been in place for eight years, yet he has done nothing to aid in the legalization of marijuana. Instead, he opted to stay clear on the issue. Consequently, the status of marijuana on the national front remain the same as the as it was before he took office. Keeping in mind that as president, he had the ability to instruct the FDA to reschedule the drug and or instruct the DEA to desist from pursuing it.

On the other hand, the Democrats had the majority in the Senate and the House with Obama in the White House. Surprisingly despite Democrats being pro-choice, they never brought up the issue of marijuana legalization at all. This is an instance where despite claiming that they are pro-choice they fail to take the lead on a liberal issue.

It is not only on the issues mentioned in this article that the Democrats have shown tendencies of being pro-government. There are other national issues where they have taken a pro-government stand that is contrary to the pro-choice stand that they claim to abide by.

When all is said and done, the notion that the Democrats are pro-choice ill persist. Mainstream media continues to associate the ‘pro-choice’ tag with the Democrats. Thus this notion entrenches itself in the mind of the masses.

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