How We Know Russia Did Not Hack The Election

How We Know Russia Did Not Hack The Election

While the inauguration of the next president is fast approaching, the main topic in mainstream media and on social media platforms is the Russian influence on the elections. Much of the talk has been centered on the C.I.A reports that Russia did make concerted efforts to influence the results of last year’s election. However, upon critical analysis of the known facts, you can get an idea that indeed, Russia did not hack the election as widely claimed. Herein are some pointers to substantiate this claim.

#1. The Recent C.I.A Conclusion Is Not Based on Newly Acquired Intelligence – C.I.A recent conclusion is not based on newly gathered intelligence since the elections. There has not been new intelligence to substantiate the claims the agency made. Additionally, the conclusion made are based on highly circumstantial evidence by official privy to the report.

#2. The C.I.A Has Not Given Their Standing On The Issue Publicly – The C.I.A has not made their claims publicly. It is a widely known fact that the public has no clear understanding of whether the agency agrees with the assertion that Russia hacked the elections or not. Their conclusions are still yet to be made public.

#3. C.I.A’s Evidence Is Inconclusive – The FBI and the C.I.A, the two agencies charged with the responsibility of finding out the truth to the hacking claims have provided differing accounts of Russian intentions. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that neither assertions are conclusive, including C.I.A’s.

How We Know Russia Did Not Hack The Election

#4. There Is No Evidence That Russia Distorted/influenced The Voting Processes – There is no evidence pointing towards Russian activities that caused a subversion of our democracy in any form by tampering with the voting process. C.I.A claims that Russia may have been involved in the hacking of John Podesta’s (Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager) emails as well the Democratic National Committee emails.

#5. The Obama Administration Has A History Of Distorting Intelligence For Political Mileage – The CENTCOM scandal, where CENTCOM leaders manipulated intelligence reports to make Obama appear to be winning the war against ISIS is one prime example.

#6. The Russian Hacking Story Might As Well Be A Fake Story – Russia is well known to plant fake stories in an effort to influence public opinion, both at home and abroad. It is, therefore, conceivable that this whole issue is the Obama administration borrowing a leaf from Russia to try and shift public opinion.

#7. Wikileaks Has Denied Any Russian Involvement – Wikileaks and Julian Assange have denied the involvement of Russia in any of the hacks and subsequent leaks of the emails.

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