Look At These 6 Celebrity Libertarians

Look At These 6 Celebrity Libertarians

While many celebrities do tend to lean to the left side of the political spectrum, there are actually many major celebrities who strongly believe in the personal freedom that is the absolute core of libertarian beliefs. Just look at these six examples:

Kurt Russell

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise if you take a look at many of his movie roles, the Libertarian belief system is obvious, and that’s not an accident. Whether the anti-establishment hero Snake Plisken in the Escape from New York & Escape from L.A. movies, the aptly named Solider, or one of his dozens of other characters showing a firm belief in freedom and independence, Russell has said outright he is a Libertarian, and has publicly stated so since at least 1997.

Sandra Bullock

Although she tries to keep her beliefs personal and out of the limelight, there are a lot of arrows pointing to a strong Libertarian streak. She doesn’t like being pitched by shell companies associated with scripts, she has stated having beliefs on both the Democratic and Republican side of issues, and when asked about being stranded on an island she wants Ayn Rand books – that’s a pretty good clue where she falls.

Drew Carey

Drew Carey hates big government, and especially focuses in on “behavior rules.” Censorship, anti-drinking laws, anti-smoking laws, drug laws, any law that hits “behind closed doors” he hates. He has made no secret of loving his beer, gambling, dirty jokes, and personal freedom. The less government and more freedom, the better. That’s about as Libertarian as it gets.

Look At These 6 Celebrity Libertarians

Joe Rogan

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Known for being a huge advocate of pot, and smoking it and drinking while on the air of his podcast, he hates big government and loves Ron Paul. He hates labels, but the questioning of beliefs and institutions gives him an obvious slant we can appreciate.

Clint Eastwood

Known as a staunch conservative, listening to Eastwood brings a clear line of Libertarian thought to the table. His core rule? As long as you’re not directly hurting someone you should be able to do what you want. Just leave people alone. This issue of choice and action come through in many of his directed movies that otherwise seem very diverse politically or ideally.

Trey Parker & Matt Stone

The creators of South Park, they don’t like the far right or the far left, and have outright said they see both as ridiculous and the same. They believe in freedom of speech, in freedom of choice, and will savagely roast absolutely any thought, law, or belief that contradicts that main focus.

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