Understanding The Key Principles of Libertarianism

Understanding The Key Principles of Libertarianism

While most people have heard of the Libertarian Party, it is surprising how few people actually understand what Libertarianism is really all about. While beliefs on different topics might vary, part of what sets Libertarians apart is their way of thinking, of taking the same philosophy and approach to every question or problem that’s brought up. So what are those key principles or beliefs that make up Libertarian thought? Read on to find out.

Belief In Individualism

Independence, self-reliance, contribution. These are pillars of individualism and what Libertarians believe in. People must be free to learn how to be independent, how to be able to create their own life and way. The interests of the individual need to come over a forced lifting of a group that then becomes dependent. Libertarians belief that the best for society actually happens with individualism – when great men and women have the ability to make themselves into their best selves. As a result, everyone benefits.click here to read more information about Libertarian Case For Marijuana Legalization

All About Individual Rights

Individual rights must trump all others. No religion, no government, no governing body can grant certain rights. Libertarians believe that the right to be secure in their life, in their liberty, and in securing their property are inherent rights to every man and woman. Every individual has these rights and they should never be taken away by any governing body or law.

The Best Order Is Spontaneous Order

Governments often don’t work because it’s fake order set up with systems and flow charts. These systems are influenced by money and favor some individuals over others. A belief in Spontaneous Order recognizes the need for order for society to function (we’re not anarchists) but they also believe that the best order happens naturally. If there is a need for an organization locally it will form up to the benefit of all, but when organizations and positions are created to rule indefinitely, problems happen. Libertarians believe Spontaneous Order is unquestionably the best way to go, and happens best at a local level.

Understanding The Key Principles of Libertarianism

Belief In The Free Market

People have a right to create economic wealth, and Libertarians are huge on the free market. The less government interference there is, the better off individuals and businesses are to create wealth for themselves and as a result, for the community that they are a part in. Free market advocates believe government regulation often does far more harm than good, and that unnatural influence has unintended consequences to how the market would otherwise be benefiting everyone.

Limited Government

While Libertarians fully understand that government is a necessity to protect rights and prevent some individuals from violently imposing their will on others, large government is a threat to individuals. There should be enough government to take care of the minimum of needs that can’t be met individually and to offer the minimum amount of protection needed. Beyond that, individualism and free markets should rule the day and not be interfered with.

These are the key principles that make up Libertarian thought, and many people are often surprised to realize they are probably far more Libertarian than they would have originally thought!

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